Website Design and Development

     Your website is a powerful portal for displaying and selling your products and services or communicating with colleagues and friends.  This site is a good example of the types of sites I develop.  It is based on Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS).  It is customized to the user.  The general public sees a basic view.  Clients sign-in to see content specialized to their needs.  Friends and family have access to password protected content and can catch up on our household through a calendar, pictures, and video.

     I can help you design and manage a site to fit your unique needs.  It can be a passive site where you present yourself to your publics, or it can be an active site where you communicate and customize the site for your different audiences.  Let's talk about your website needs.

     This website is one example of a Drupal site I developed by customizing a theme and using several Drupal modules for social networking, blogging, limiting access to content, and incorporating other services such as Google calendar, Picasa, Flickr, Scribed, and SlideShare.  Javascript is used for slideshows, accordion menus, and carousel views.

     To see an example of how a website can be customized for an artist, see  Its simple look belies the many different ways images are presented.  Imagecache is used to resize and crop images.  A combination of slide shows and lighthouse effects allow the viewer to see Installations and drawings. is an example of a website for a Community Association.  It's public face is relatively simple, but includes a link to a Google calendar and other features.  Once an Association member logs in, h/she has a number of expanded options.  Contact me for information about this limited access by login feature.