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Secondary Data Analysis

Often an analysis of secondary data for a literature review is a first step in a the research or assessment process.  The analysis of already collected data often provides invaluable insight into programs or policies or reveals the gaps in knowledge that can be filled by primary research.  I have used statistical methods to model data and conducted meta analysis of many data sets using various methods to measure the outcomes. I have the bibliographic and data base skills to conduct secondary analysis and traditional literature reviews, including on-line searches.

Below are several reports and papers the include secondary analysis.  The Framework article below was the outcome of a systematic analysis of over 700 hundred articles.  The Epidemiological analysis was made through the secondary analysis of data and then modeling the data to predict trends.  Part of the organ donor paper was based on an analysis of already collected demographic information of donor and nondonor family members.  The NYC School Grade paper was an analysis of NYC and NYS scores on tests and school surveys.

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