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Assessment / Evaluation



I work with organizations to design their research and assessment projects.  The first task is to refine the questions to be answered and deconstruct them into a set of indicators and expected relationships that can be tested.  The indicators may be measured through quantitative and/or qualitative methods.  When budgets allow, a mix of both methods may provide generalizable estimates along with in-depth information that adds context to statistical results. 

Qualitative methods, such as focus groups, key informant interviews, or observations may be used to explore critical issues or determine the proper language used to develop quantitative surveys. It can provide valuable, but non-generalizable, information to inform decisions.  It can also be used to add in-depth information to statistical findings.

Quantitative methods, such as surveys, secondary analysis of existing data, and content analysis, provides findings that can be generalized to the target populations.

My research and assessment designs include clear objectives, work plans, and budgets.

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